And no, 'Bridgey McBridgeface' hasn't a chance of making it!

There's a new bridge in the heart of the rebel city and it needs a name.

Cork City officials are breaking away from tradition and opening the naming process of the €5 million Harley Street pedestrian bridge to the public. 

I suppose '€5m Harley St pedestrian bridge' doesn't really roll of the tongue.

They're not looking for anything daft though as they suggest, "Nominations should honour and celebrate an event or person or group/organisation of major significance that reflects positively on the City of Cork or it's evolution or reflect significant local features/geographical location"

So in true Breakfast Show fashion, we put it out to our listeners this morning to see what they'd come up with:

"The Graham Norton Bridge. Tracy"

"The Douglas Hyde Bridge....The first president of Ireland (and whom my grandfather Michael McDunphy was his secretary) from Liz McDunphy"

"How's about calling the bridge after the Cork girl (Rena Buckley) that won the 18 All-Irelands in camogie and football?"

"The Matt Cooper Bridge of course. Darren in Waterford"

"Cute Hoor Bridge. After all the Cork people"

"The 'Jock and Conor Bridge' (from The Young Offenders)"

Do you think you've a better one? Remember there's already an Eamon De Valera Bridge, a Brain Boru Bridge, a Christy Ring Bridge and a Michael Collins Bridge - so you can stroke them ones off the list. 

The power is yours. Well kinda. 

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