Bad Briehaviour.

There is a very simple food maths equation everyone should know:

Cheese + Toast = The greatest thing on earth.

But, what if that simple equation to heaven is jeopardised by your local Council.

It seems that the humble cheese toastie is being singled out as a major factor in the cause of anti-social behaviour at a park in England.

Apparently a food van owner in Bristol has been told that he won't be able to start selling them because of the lure to school kids and bad behaviour!

According to, Councillor Claire Hiscott said, ‘It’s right next to Orchard School, which is a challenging school that sometimes has a problem with keeping kids in school.

‘They have to have patrols of staff to make sure kids don’t walk off site. The lure of a food concession may encourage kids to take a little walk.'

‘Historically we had antisocial behaviour, not just motorbikes, from young adults gathering with alcohol and causing a disturbance.

Apparently they're looking into an outlet selling coffee and ice-cream rather than toasties.

That's great because a load of yoofs pumped up on caffeine and sugar is graaaaaaand!