Megs Pregs.

So, technically she didn't help but she did inspire this feature so thanks Meghan!

According to InTouch Weekly a Royal Insider (ooooooh) said Megs is going through some weird sweet cravings!

“She’s been eating much more cheese than she used to — pasteurized, of course — and Harry has been buying her British candy and chocolates. She caves and eats well-done chips [fries], but mostly she sticks to her very healthy, clean eating.”

However, the Fergal Darcy Show thinks this person doesn't know anything! We guarantee Megs is ating a bowl of sofa filling every night washed down with a cup of diesel.

We got sent some proper brilliant weird ones. (see below)

Let's start with Fiona who's craving wasn't weird but actually amazing! 

Hi Ferg on our fourth child it was snowing and guess what - she ate buckets and buckets of fresh snow!! 

My mum ate beef Oxo cubes when carrying me ...I also love oxo cubes ..just even to lick them :wink::wink: try it ... it's fabulous - Jane

My pregnant wife likes smelling petrol... - Andy 

Fergal...when i was pregnant with my son i ate half a hot water bottle (chewing bits and spitting out!!

I'm pregnant now and after 7 years of not eating pork, I can't get enough of it now. I also like salted grapes and pickles. But, really, anything goes :slightly_smiling_face - Lenka

Ferg, I ate lemons like oranges when I was pregnant, 14 years later and my son does the same :joy::joy::joy - Elle

Hi Fergal - to start ye off I’m currently 6 months pregnant with my 4th child, my crazy cravings this time round are mushy peas on chips with curry sauce and cheese!! - Jenny