The campaign has been called 'Finding Davo'

We've all heard of dogs, cats, birds etc going missing but a lost Goldfish is a new one for us.

Well it has happened over in Swindon in England, where Dave the Goldfish has gone MIA. His owner Tanya, who has had him for over five years says she has no idea what has happened to him. 

The disappearance took place while Dave's tank was being cleaned out over Christmas. She spoke to the Swindon Advertiser saying: "Our fish tank has a lid on it. I’ve emptied the filter, moved all the stones in the tank. I’ve checked all around the kitchen, checked under the counters."

Tanya has ruled out her two dogs and daughters who say they went no where near Dave while the tank cleaning was taking place. 

Tanya has put up poster around Swindon, however it looks like one of her mates has decided to take the mick out of her and has set up a Facebook page called 'Finding Davo'. The page has already got a huge amount of followers so with any luck, David will be back in that tank before we know it!

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