The head melters.

We've all been there and especially in January.

Your walking along the road whistling then suddenly the shopping bags burst open. Quickly your pounce on the good sand hoover them back up in your arms and just when you think your free...THEY come along. 

That person who tells you just how amazing every single aspect of their life is without even asking why you're red face with a chest full of tins.

One of the greatest examples is Ned Ryerson from the movie Groundhog Day:


Here are some more examples as suggested by the listeners to The Fergal D'Arcy Show:


These Are The Worst People To Meet When You're Having A Bad Day:


Being a teacher- When you're out for a drink or meal and meet a parent who wants a parent/teacher over your dinner!!  - Adrienne


Customers...they are the type of person I don't want to see on those days...feckin customers😉 - Joanne


Your dropping the kids to school,  Mary is screaming at you as you pull up at the school gates because you've told her for the millionth time that she can't bring her Grandad's false teeth in for show and tell,  little Jimmy has managed to put 2 odd shoes on and you haven't noticed till he gets out of the car. The smell of souring milk catches you and you realise you have mashed banana and weetabix in your hair and the yummy mummy from the parents council and tidy town committee, drama group and volunteer for everything school related .........grabs you while you are trying to slink back to the car with 3 day old tracksuit bottoms, hair compliments of the baby to ask if you might have time to sign up to help out on the church cleaning rota.............. Grroooooan  - Bernie 

This happened to me only this morning....the barista who won't stop chatting to you when all you want is your bloody morning coffee....I don't need to hear the history of where the coffee came from!! - Kelly

When you are laid low with the Christmas flu bug and have to take the time between Christmas and New Year to go in to the Doctors and wait for an appointment... the surgery is full...lots of people sniffling and coughing and sitting quietly passing the time of day and then in she comes you don't know her but you've seen her around and in she comes bringing the room next door with her and then comes the big sigh as she surveys the crowd and then another sigh and then you realised she is making her way to the seat next to you....please go away we are all here for a same reason ..... We all feel unwell and just want to be left alone 🤣🤣🤣🤣 - Sam 


My next door neighbour....I swear she hangs around the front garden all day waiting for me to come home so she can ask me the 'latest' on my whole family *eyeroll*  - Ann 


The man down the pub who is outraged about the latest GAA result and won't stop talking really loudly about it - Liam