Faith in humanity restored.

To celebrate the outstanding sign spotted recently at a Dart station in Dublin:

Connolly station has a sign informing you of the sign ... from r/ireland

The Fergal D'Arcy Show is a big fan of public notices so we decided to compile a collection of the best and most ridiculous but for added fun these also have responses attached.

Here we go:

Some people just a want to watch the world burn

Some people get philosophical:

The office philosopher

This is magnificent sarcasm:

The coffee maker at my office was out of order from r/funny

Brilliant and to the point:

My school has motivational photos put up everywhere and this is a great response to one of them from r/funny

Sarcams level 11:

Do not deny my needs from r/funny

More philosophical satire. The finest kind:

Not Accepting Change from r/funny

Kiss from a rose? No, just a good joke:

Emergency Exit from r/funny

Always time for a Ninja Turtle reference:

Our office relocated some equipment. A ninja turtles fan had a quick response to the posted notice from r/funny