Locals are puzzled by this bizarre discovery.

David Grimes made the bizarre discovery while working on a new fairy trail in the Loughgrew Estate near St. Oliver Plunketts Church.

The area of Loughcrew is an ancient site of historical importance in Ireland, and contains megalithic burial grounds dating back over 5,000 years.

The weird find has entranced locals and the buzz even reached RTE who came to investigate last night.

David told Muireann about their bizarre find:

Here's two of the workers (David, centre in the magnificent trenchcoat) talking to Ciaran Mulolly from the station.

(pic courtesy of The Meath Chronicle)

Here is the video recorded by David and his co-workers:

CAUTION: The lads are fair shook so there's a wheelbarrow load of swearing.

Here's a still from what is now been described as 'The Birdman Of Loughgrew'

We think it looks like a Plague Doctor. They wore a similar costume:

Or have they found a long lost Irish relative of Gonzo?