Live and in your living room!

Is there one act you’re only raging you never got to experience live?

For us there are too many to mention, so to help celebrate the very best in Live music we’ve planned in an unmissable weekend of live gigs across our three music streams, Today FM 80s, Today FM 90s and Today XM. 

We’ll be bringing you the very best in music editing technology by creating three epic Live gigs from Michael Jackson, Madonna and R.E.M, three of the biggest artists who feature on each of our streams.

We’ve created never-heard-before playlists of all their best live tracks to help you experience them like never before – Live and in your living room!

Trust us, you won’t want to miss this.

Michael Jackson LIVE

For One Night Only on Today FM 80s:

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers of the last 50 years, some would say the greatest. A master of song, dance, and visual arts, he was a humanitarian & environmentalist also. If you were listening to music in the 80s, Jackson was inescapable. He was the first artist of colour to be played on MTV, breaking down barriers for those who would follow. Michael was a true showman in concert, with stunning visual set pieces aplenty. Each song was a theatrical experience and as a result, he only ever performed 14 to 15 tracks in a set. Fans would never get to hear every hit they desired. 

This Friday Today FM 80s has tried to remedy this and we proudly present Michael Jackson LIVE For One Night Only – The Ultimate Setlist Experience. We’ve stitched together performances from across Michael’s career to present a seamless live experience. All you need to do is sit back, grab your crotch, bend your knees, get up on your tip toes and turn up your Today FM app.

Madonna LIVE

For One Night Only on Today FM 90s:

Talk about a game changer! Madonna is the quintessential self-made phenomenon. Rising through the record industry in the early 1980s, a time when the industry was run by middle aged white men, she laid waste to all of the preconceptions of what a female artist could and couldn’t do. She had a vision for her music and her art, and nothing stood in her way. Most importantly she had the songs that could propel her to superstardom. Madonna continues to reinvent herself, and at the age of 60 will release a brand new album this year. Much like her contemporary Michael Jackson, her live performances are equal parts music and visual, always centering around a theme.  As a result, huge hits that don’t fit the theme get left out.

This Saturday at 7PM, Today FM 90s presents a Madonna show like you’ve never heard before - 25 of her biggest hits performed live from 1985 to 2016, presented as one single concert. B*tch, she’s Madonna so you better not miss it 


For one night only on Today XM:

We took them for granted towards the end, didn’t we? R.E.M are the definition of ‘The Little Band That Could’. From their inauspicious beginnings playing at an abandoned church in their hometown of Athens, Georgia, by 1992 they were one of the biggest bands on the planet and achieved this with an album of rare beauty in ‘Automatic For The People’. However, with the departure of drummer Bill Berry in 1997, the band dynamic changed and they never scaled those heights again. Realising they had said all they wanted to say as a band, they split up amicably in 2011. We will never see them live again - they’ve guaranteed it.

This Sunday on Today XM we present the R.E.M show you thought you’d never hear. We’ve imagined them still together in 2018 (with Bill Berry) and come up with a setlist of what we reckon they would play. As a famously political band, it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t address the Trump situation, and we’ve made this happen as part of the show. R.E.M is one of the bedrock bands of Today XM, so join us to celebrate their musical legacy from 7PM.

Listen live in your living room, blare it on your speakers, tune in in the car, no matter where you are this weekend, and make sure you’re tuned in to Today FM’s music streams.

Simply download the Today FM app and click the More Music icon in the top left corner to access these three nights of incredible live gigs or stream it on our website at