A vertical expression of a horizontal desire...

First question: Do you even know what a slow set is?

It's not a badger's home that takes ages to build, nor is it a present day tennis match between John McEnroe and Andre Agassi; back in the day, a "slow set" was where the DJ turned the lights down low, threw on a bit of cheese, smoke machines bellowed and gentlemen had the opportunity to approach the lady they had been ogling all night.

This was "the moment" where one could put in the foundations to "seal the deal"

But Ian wanted to know, when did the slow set actually stop? We threw it out to our lovely listeners and received a huge reaction to it.

The youth of today will find this concept quite alien, but it's still alive...YES...Ireland still has some slow sets dotted throughout the land.

Ian also asked listeners for their favourite mellow tunes to keep it slow and sexy to:

  • Slow set song definitely Think Twice by Celine Dion. Every week at Lacey's Niteclub at the Carrickdale hotel in Louth. The days! We all travelled up from the north... Downman

  • Oh Ian you're putting a longing on me first thing on a Wed morning playing those slow set songs. 

  • Club Nassau uses the slogan 'Home Of The Slow Set'

  • Jesus Ian take my breath away was my first slow set shift, the slow set was a huge part of any night out it has to be brought back, James in Kerry

We think Mary and GMcKeown summed-up the general consensus with their thoughts:

"Ian, when 'dance' music came in, slow sets stopped. No more 'Two out of three ain't bad'" - Mary, Cork

With today's "shift and drift" ethos consuming our dancefloors, it's nice to know that the slow set stills lives strong (even if it's only in a few elite clubs). #BBSS (Bring Back Slow Sets)

Have a listen to Iano and Paul Collins' chat here:

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