'Put that down, they're for the visitors'

What exactly happens to Irish Mammies when visitors drop by?

They go into some sort of robotic cleaning overdrive, barking ridiculous orders at anyone who is unfortunate enough to be nearby and they turn into utter divas, making demands and cooking up a storm all at the same time.

Dermot and Dave listener Mark McCabe has found concrete proof that Irish Mammies who are expecting visitors are out of control, with the discovery of his mammies' 'To Do' list.

The cleaning of doors and skirting boards are normal enough, it's not until you reach the 'Hover tops of kitchen presses' bit that you realise you're dealing with a Peak Mammy here.

It reminds us of the excellent Foyle, Arms and Hog sketch which brilliantly rips it out of an Irish mammy as she prepares for visitors.

Dermot can relate to this phenomenon, when he was growing up it was all about an elusive cake.

Poor Dermot!