He made the outburst in the Oval Office

Donald Trump's facing new accusations of making racially-charged remarks - after an Oval Office outburst about immigration.

The President reportedly lashed out during a meeting - asking 'why do we want all these people from Africa here?'

He also caused Haiti a 'shithole', just weeks after saying in December that all Haitians coming to America have AIDS.

It's reported that after yesterday's comments, the Haitian government has formerly summoned a US official to explain, on behalf of the President.

On the anniversary of the 2010 earthquake, CNN's Anderson Cooper became emotional when talking about covering the disaster:

The United Nations has described the comments as 'shocking and shameful'.

A spokesman for the UN's human rights office told reporters "there is no other word one can use but 'racist'."

Donald Trump says while the language he used was tough, he denied using that word

He also said that he never said anything derogatory about Haitians and that he was going to have to start recording meetings:

 Meanwhile US Congressman Al Green says he's going to try impeach Trump again.