Guess the words, win the cash

Ah sure lookit, isn't that it!

The boss has only gone and put €10,000 behind Ah Sure Lookit!

That's right, the first person to correctly guess what 'D is S' means - banks themselves €10,000.

It couldn't be simpler, guess the words, win the cash.

Just tune in from 9AM weekdays to Dermot & Dave for your chance to walk away with 10K.

When you get the cue to call from Dermot & Dave, text or WhatsApp your guess to 087 4 100 102.

Here's a list of all the incorrect guesses:


Monday Oct 22nd

  • Dinner is served
  • Dracula is scary
  • Dancing is sexy
  • Dopey is small
  • DJing is super
  • Daytime is shorter

Tuesday Oct 23rd

  • Dung is smelly
  • Daydreaming is soothing
  • Dinner is saucy
  • Dial is stuck
  • Daddy is silly
  • Denmark is Scandinavian

Wednesday Oct 24th

  • Dust is settled
  • Down is south
  • Dubai is sandy 
  • Dave is smaller
  • Dingle is scenic
  • Dustin is Santa

Thursday Oct 25th

  • Duck-tape is sticky
  • Deal is sealed 
  • Darning is sewing
  • Dawn is sunrise
  • Disco is seventies
  • Dermot is spiritual

Friday Oct 26th

  • Dempsey is superb
  • Dial-tone is static
  • Diplo is sound
  • Donut is sugary 
  • Defamation is slander 
  • Dad is special


Tuesday Oct 30th

  • Dabbing is silly
  • Diablo is Spanish
  • Dermot is small

Wednesday Oct 31st

  • Devil is Satan
  • Decibels is sound
  • Donegal is savage

Thursday Nov 1st

  • Disney is supercalafragalisticexpialadocious
  • Down is síos
  • Dougal is silly

Friday Nov 2nd

  • Dermot is sassy
  • Decking is slippy
  • Daydreaming is surreal


Monday Nov 5th

  • Dextrose is sugar
  • Daylight is shorter
  • Dribbling is skillful

Tuesday Nov 6th

  • Diving is super
  • Daddy is snoring 
  • Detergent is solvent

Wednesday Nov 7th

  • December is soon
  • Dec is solo
  • Diagonal is straight

Thursday Nov 8th

  • Dempsey is savage
  • Dabbling is stupid
  • Dating is scary

Friday 9th

  • Donegal is spectacular
  • Distance is speed
  • Donating is simple


Monday Nov 12th

  • Dogma is sacred
  • Dollymount is sandy
  • Dapper is smart

Tuesday Nov 13th

  • Download is successful
  • Disneyland is special
  • Duck is succulent

Wednesday Nov 14th

  • Dungarvan is south
  • Domhnaigh is Sunday

Thursday Nov 15th

  • Dory is swimming
  • Dairygold is spreadable
  • Donnybrook is southside

Friday Nov 16th

  • Denim is stylish
  • Dora is Spanish
  • Dancing is strictly


Monday Nov 19th 

  • Dilemma is solved
  • December is Saturday
  • Delivery is slow
  • Detail is sketchy
  • Dapper is stylish
  • Dirt is soil
  • Difference is subtraction
  • Driving is stressful
  • Downtime is sleeping
  • Denim is stonewashed
  • Donald is stupid


  • Dragons is snow
  • Dido is singing
  • Decorating is satisfying


  • Drawing is sketching
  • Dasher is shiny
  • Dalmatian is spotty

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