His new book, The Fat Loss Plan, is out now

Body coach Joe Wicks has become something of a fitness guru for many people.

He started his career as a personal trainer, then began sharing recipes on Instagram. This all led to a book deal. His first cookbook, Lean in 15, was published in 2015.

Joe says his aim in life is "to inspire at least one person every day to cook a healthy recipe or to go and do a workout."

His latest book is The Fat Loss Plan, which is designed to help people lose weight without the need for restrictive diets. He says it's "not sustainable" to completely cut out fat and carbohydrates from your diet.

"In order to burn fat you need to burn more energy than you're consuming. "You can eat fat and carbs, but it's about eating them at the right times."

Joe recommends post-exercise as an ideal time to replenish the carbs that you've lost.