What happens on Facebook does not always stay on Facebook

Whether you're on the look out for a new job or asking your current employer for a promotion, your social media accounts are often the first place an employer will visit to get a more truthful picture of who you really are.

Donal O'Donoghue, Managing Director for Sanderson Recruitment, popped into Dermot & Dave to guid us through the quick and easy steps you can take to ensure your social media accounts won't let you down in your search for a new job.

Digital Dos & Don’ts for Job Seekers

· Give your profile a strong headline; it’s what people notice first – ‘Twenty years’ experience building amazing consumer brands’ is better than ‘consumer marketing role sought’.

· Sites like Facebook can be useful to let friends and associates know you’re on the job market, and opportunity you’re interested in.

· If in a creative role, like photography, design or interiors, Instagram is good to showcase a portfolio.

· Share video, photography, copy or media coverage on social media that illustrates your professional abilities.

· Join specialist social media groups where you can be part of conversations with those with similar professional interests.

· If job-hunting on social media, make your online presence is employer-friendly across all channels.

Online Advice for Employers

· If you do use job boards or social networks to advertise roles and solicit CVs, ensure the posts are up to date and that applications and enquires are professionally dealt with.

· It’s worth getting ‘an in’ to colleges and universities’ alumni networks with professional groups in the particular sector you operate in.

· Use your consumer marketing channels, like Facebook or Twitter, to make it known when you’re hiring

· Make sure your USP as an employer, and the company culture, comes across in all communication, particularly your digital presence