Geraldine Butler from Waterford was charged €250 for one night to see Snow Patrol

It seems ticket sales for concerts in Dublin are being affected not only by the high ticket prices themselves, but also by the cost of accommodation for those travelling from other parts of the country.

Geraldine Butler from Waterford was charged €250 for a hotel stay on the night of the Snow Patrol concert this December.

She was originally supposed to go with a group of six, but it would have cost just under €500 before adding in food or drink, and she says this "wasn't feasible so close to Christmas."

Michael Kilcoyne of the Consumers Association of Ireland says it's an example of "rip-off republic."

"They're taking every opportunity to extract from the consumer every cent they can. They really should be ashamed of themselves."

"There's no such thing as making a fair profit anymore, it's just rip off the customer."

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