and Dave fanboys like you've never seen before

First up, today was a MASSIVE occasion for Dave Moore as he met one of his greatest sporting heroes. 

If pictures speak a thousand words, then this video says a million things. Just look at that pride his face (Dave's - not Gary's):

Gary Neville was in town to promote Cadbury's partnership with the Premier League, so we said we'd ask him in to give us a sense of what it was like to play with Man United back in the Glory Days. 

8 Premier Leagues, 3 FA Cups, 2 Champions Leagues and 7 goals (well he was a right-back) - not a bad haul!!

The former skipper is one of the soundest fellas you'll meet and we knew he was up for the craic from the word go after he said, "that's the biggest clap I've ever had", and only 5 people in studio. 

The lads covered lots of stuff - from what he thinks about the food scene in Dublin, to why he's really gunning for Galway to win the Liam McCarthy Cup and Gary even got the giggles from a listener's WhatsApp audio, where he impersonated some of his old pals.

And of course, there was plenty of football chat with Gary being very honest about where he thinks the club (Manchester United) and Mourinho are at today.

He also revealed how Roy keane was "the most influential football player that any of us (Man U players) ever played with" and how Sir Alex didn't have the hairdryer plugged in that often, believe it or not!?

Remember when Roy defended Gary when Vieira was acting the clown in the tunnel at Highbury? That "pick on someone your own size" moment?

Here's a reminder:

No matter what team you supported back in Gary's playing days, you have to give him credit and respect for what he has achieved over the years. Solid as a rock and a real club man through and through.

Sky Sports punditry wouldn't be the same without him either.

You can listen to the interview in full by pressing play in the image above the headline at the top of the page.