Are The Kinks Truly Reforming?

To say Dave Davies is a legend of the music business would be an understatement. One of the founding members of The Kinks alongside his brother Ray Davies. Dave is perhaps best known for his iconic guitar riffs on 'You Really Got Me', &  on, 'All Day And All Of The Night'. 

The Kinks sound-tracked the sixties and are as important to modern day music as The Beatles are in terms of songwriting, social commentary and capturing the era in a musical time capsule. 

Paul McLoone was able to grab a few minutes - down a phone line - to chat with Dave Davies about the 50th Anniversary reissue of 'The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society', this album wasn't a commercial success but over time has been recognised as a truly brilliant piece of work. 

Check out this BBC appearance from back in 1968.

Dave and Paul chat about the possible reunion of The Kinks, something which did seem about as likely as Oasis getting back together! Yes the Davies wrote the book on feuding brothers in bands. 

But all that seems a distant memory as Dave confirms they will be doing something, he just isn't sure what as of yet. They chat about Dave's solo music releases and of course about the sixties and the space The Kinks occupied in that era. 

Click the link above to hear the full chat, please keep in mind the line was not perfect, but we couldn't pass up the chance to talk to Dave Davies. 

If you like click this link to hear an interview from 2017 between Paul McLoone and Ray Davies.