Is it the right decision in the #MeToo era, or political correctness gone mad?

Several radio stations have decided not to play 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' due to concerns over the song's lyrics.

The song was written in 1944, but is the sentiment playful or manipulative? And is the ban the right decision in the era of #MeToo, or simply political correctness gone mad?

Aoife Barry, assistant news editor with The Journal, says: "If you look at the lyrics there's clearly a 'push, pull' going on here. I think in the era of #MeToo people are looking a lot closer at lyrics and what they're consuming."

"It's a reflection of the conversation we're having at the moment. We're reassessing how we look at relationships and gender."

John Caddell from says, "I think the female character wants to stay but she's afraid of being a social outcast."

"It's probably reading a lot into what is a flippant seasonal song."

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