Should we build more prisons, or send fewer people to prison?

As new figures reveal that hundreds of people are sleeping on the floors in our prisons, how do we deal with overcrowding?

Is the answer to build more prisons, or to send fewer people to prison?

Clare Daly, Independents4Change TD and member of the Oireachtas Justice Commitee, says it would be a bad idea to build more prisons when we have also have problems with housing and hospital waiting lists, and that measures should be taken to prevent people from turning to crime.

"To send someone to prison costs a lot of money. If we want to make society safer, we need to invest the money earlier to stop people going down that route."

Former prison officer John Cuffe says we need to stop putting people in prison for small fines, alongside those who have committed more serious offences, and that we need to look at "who we're putting in jail and why."

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