Bye bye sleepless nights

For anybody out there who has a snorer in their life, it's a burden you wouldn't wish on anyone else. 

A few occasional snorts or the odd outburst whilst snoozing is fine - it's the full blown arctic truck air horn-esque snore fest each night that would drive you up the walls. 

The thing about snorers is that they don't realise just how annoying their snoring is, leaving you like...

Well Today FM listener Gillian in Limerick got in touch with Dermot and Dave to share with the nation her revolutionary method as to how to make it stop. Instantly.

Her boyfriend Keith has a snore that she describes as, "somewhere between a rattlesnake and a sick pig", especially after a few pints.

So she recently recorded some perfect audio of his blare and on Monday night, as 'the build' to the noise alert began, Gillian played the recording into his ear and hey-presto, "he jerked, turned to his left side and stopped snoring". What a result!

The Limerick native's chat with the lads revealed a snoring epidemic across the country, as other listeners sent in tonnes of their own stories and loads of hilarious WhatsApp audio. 

Dermot takes the chance to shame his bestie Dave with a recording of him talking in his sleep, and caller Ciara steps things up a bit with her fella's 'restless legs syndrome', where he basically does the Riverdance in bed every night as he sleeps. 

Check out the fun in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the page.