Corina was in for a 'treat'

After Dermot and Dave's wive's ripping into them on last week's #AskMeAnything Dermot decided to make his wife Corina eat her words...and his cooking.

One of the topics she brought up in the chat was his lack of dinner-making skills, so the Limerick man said enough was enough.

Yesterday, after a hard gym session with his buddy Dave, he picked up a few groceries, bolted home and tore into The Body Coach cookbook. 

The chicken and miso noodle soup was the dish of the day and after a few alterations he was ready to rock. 

Thankfully, Dermot recorded an instastory to catalogue his journey and shared it on air with us all.

And there's one thing for sure - if you eat his food, you will be lean in 15!

Check out the fun in full by pressing the play button in the image at the top of the page.