What's better than Dermot & Dave five days a week?

Dermot & Dave, whenever and wherever you want them, any time of the week!

Dermot & Dave's 'Ah Sure Lookit Wasn't That It' podcast is the perfect thing to keep you company over the weekend, whether you're out and about in the car, getting stuck into jobs at home or if you need to stick some earphones in for an hour to drown out the noise of your kids for some well deserved 'me time' (no judgement here!)

Jam-packed full of all the bits you may have missed the Ah Sure Lookit Wasn't That It podcast is your one-stop shop for all things Dermot & Dave.

This week, Maria's fiance became the most hated man in Ireland as he absolutely nailed her birthday present.

We also heard from listeners about everything from sleeping in separate beds from your partner, to a cure for snoring.

The lads let you in on a few secrets too like how to hold your McDonald's with one hand and the best kind of chocolate.

Noni popped also popped into studio, Dave shared his bad jokes and Dermot unveiled probably the weirdest radio segment every. 


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